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    • Administration

    University Office

    Tel: 0898-88651866/ 0898-88651861


    Personnel Department

    Tel: 0898-88651819


    Party School

    Tel: 0898-88651768




    Department of United Front Work & Publicity

    Tel: 0898-88651887


    Office of Discipline Inspection & Audit

    Tel: 0898-88651718


    Office of Students Affairs

    Tel: 0898-88651828


    Mental Health Center

    Tel: 0898-88352272


    Youth League Committee

    Tel: 0898-88651829


    Labor Union

    Tel: 0898-88651814


    Academic Affairs Office

    Tel: 0898-88651878/ 0898-88651874


    Office of Quality Management and Assessment

    Tel: 0898-88825070


    Security Office

    Tel: 0898-88651869


    Financial Office

    Tel: 0898-88651898


    Infrastructure Office

    Tel: 0898-88825077


    Office of Admission and Career Guidance

    Tel: 0898-88651893


    Office of Science Research and Technology Development

    Tel: 0898-88651738


    Office of International Cooperation & Exchanges

    Tel: 0898-88651883


    Graduate Department

    Tel: 0898-32802047


    MTA Center

    Tel: 0898-88850036


    Office of State-Owned Assets

    Tel: 0898-88650172


    Office of Univesity-based Enterprises & Logistics

    Tel: 0898-86633967


    Logistics Services Group

    Tel: 18976327450



    Tel: 0898-88651803/ 0898-88651807


    Network & Educational Technology Center

    Tel: 0898-88651886


    Healthcare Center

    Tel: 0898-88651876


    Center for Hainan Ethnic Studies


    Literature Research Center


    Training Center for Social Service Talents

    Tel: 0898-88651810


    Research Center for Leisure & Travel of Hainan International Tourism Island

    Tel: 0898-88355251


    Institute of Regional Development

    Tel: 0898-88651881


    South China Sea Culture Museum

    Tel: 0898-88355251


    Painting Academy of Hainan Tropical Rain Forest


    Women/Gender Research and Training Center(Hainan)

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