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    Qiongzhou University (QZU) focuses on international cooperation and exchanges and makes every effort to encourage exchange programs and visits at all levels as a key initiative for its going global strategy. The University actively encourages a global vision by providing unique and valuable experience for students and researchers from all over the world to interact across national, cultural and linguistic borders.
    The internationalization of Qiongzhou University includes but is not limited to:
    • promoting engagement with other countries / regions: Educational Aid Center for Africa and Asia, Ministry of Education, China; University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (USCO); China-ASEAN Education Cooperation
    • international collaborations on research, education, conferences, and organizations: Hainan-Austria Tourism Bachelor Degree Program; QZU-Hofstra U “3+1” program; USCO Master Degree Program
    • coordinating diplomatic contacts with and makes representations to relevant