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    Overview of the Academic Research of QZU

    QZU has a deep understanding of the building of Hainan International Tourism Island, and the social and educational needs from Sanya and its surrounding areas, as well as the importance of right direction of the academic research and the enhancement of the overall level of academic research and competitive advantage and its influence.

    Building the Research Team

    Relying on the talents, developing the team, enrolling high-end experts and building research and innovation team is the corner stone of QZU which guarantee the sustainable development of its academic research. QZU has paid lots of attention on the teachers’ team and improved the cultivation and enrollment of high-end teachers. It is noted that the degree level of QZU teachers has gained a notable improvement. Since 2009 when QZU initiated its 100 PhDproject, it took great efforts to enroll Phds and talents over associate professor level. Reputable scholars, top researchers and guest professors both from China and overseas have been invited to help the growth of the young teachers of QZU, who have increasing chances to get involved in the teaching of core lessons and hosting or engaging in major research programs. Talents who engage in or involved in major academic research programs, or who gain major teaching or academic research progresses will have various encouragements in multi forms. All these practices no doubt laid solid foundation in terms of mental support for the development of QZU academic research.

    Building of Key Subjects

    Subject development is a substantial and strategic mission as to the growth of a university, it helps shape the competitive advantage of the university and its service to the social and economical development. So far QZU owns two provincial level key supported subjects regarding animal science and tourism management (approved in June 2010), and another two provincial level key cultivated subjects namely ethnology and environmental engineering (approved in November 2012). Along with the building of key subjects at provincial level, QZU has taken advantage of the development of these key subjects centered by the building of expertise following a scientific guide line with various methods. After three years development, the building of these key subjects has proceeded successfully according to the original blueprint in terms of teaching, academic research, talents cultivation, research team and infrastructure construction. QZU has organized experts from various fields after rounds of forums and talks to set up four major subject directions, namely tourism management, ethnology, ocean and ecology. These subjects have appropriate structures and unique features originated from multi disciplines.

    Building of Academic Research Platform

    After efforts for years, QZU has gain great achievement in terms of the building of the academic research platform and have formed its own characteristics. Currently there are a whole groups of research institutes and bases to support the development of its featured subjects, and to serve the social science research and talents cultivation. This helps improve the inheritance and innovation of Hainan local culture and foster its economic and social development. These research institute includes the Chinese Research Center of Regional Study for The Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Foreign-aid Education Base of the Ministry of Education, Sanya Base for China International Youth Activity Center (Hainan), China Youth Moral Cultivation Experiment Base, Social Workers Cultivation Base for Ministry of Civil Affairs and Hainan Province, Key Lab for Hainan Herpetology Research, Hainan Synchronization & Innovation Center for Tourism, Hainan International Island Leisure & Recreation Research Base, Center for Hainan Ethnics Studies, Hainan Cross-Strait Minority Research Academy, Hainan Literature Research Base, Hainan Rainforest Art Academy and Hainan Embedded System Key Lab, etc.

    a. Focus on the Research of Hainan Local Culture.

    After 20 years consistent innovation and devoting practices, QZU has gained various positive feedback from academic field and other fields, remarkable achievements have been attained as well. For example, the Education History of Li People, History of Hainan, a Research of the Hemu System of Li People, etc. Two other books namely General View of the Study of Chinese Li People, and Collection of the New Studies of Li People has won fancy applause by carrying out all-around analysis with a modern-history comparative study perspective based on the analysis of historical materials.

    In order to foster the research of minority group and the growth of relevant researchers, in 2008, QZU and Hainan Social Science Association co-founded Center for Hainan Ethnic Studies, which carries out in-depth research of the ethnic custom and traditions of the minority people in Hainan so that mutual development of local economy and ecology could be realized along with the cultural development of local minority groups. The main focuses of the base are about the study of Li people, religion of minority people, education of minority people, and preservation and development of environment resources for ethnic areas. Currently, the base is undertaking five social science research programs supported by national fund, and 30 plus social science research programs supported by Hainan Province, Education Department of Hainan and Sanya city. A comprehensive literature database of Hainan ethnic people has been founded with various categories after development for years with more than 20,000 books and 6,000 pieces of relevant informations. General View of the Study of Chinese Li People: theHistorical Chapter, the Change of Family Name of Pu People of the Hui Ethnic Group in Sanya in Qing Dynasty, Collection of the New Studies of Li People, The Field Study of Funeral Music System of the Sanshi Village of the Ha Dialect Region of Li Peoplehavewon respectively third place, second place and first place awards of social science awards of Sanya City.

    Hainan International Island Leisure & Recreation Research Base was founded in December 2012, and is a high-end provincial level academic research institute co-founded by QZU and Hainan Social Science Association. The base has made great use of the resource advantages and regional advantages to carry out research programs regarding ocean tourism, tropical ecological tourism, leisure and recreation tourism. These research programs have explored and generated new trends and rules of tourism development, and concluded and summarized the new mode and ideology of ocean island leisure and recreation tourism.Currently this base has undertaken several research programs, such as research on the development mode of Hainan ocean island tourism resources, comprehensive trial reform program on the subject of tourism management, study on the supervision and management of the standardization of Sanya tourism service quality, a comparative study of tourism management talents cultivation in both Hainan and Taiwan from a perspective of international tourism island, the study of the authentication system of Hainan ecological tourism, and the study on the tourism informatizationof Hainan international tourism island.

    In order to foster the protection and evacuation of the ethnic cultural resources of both mainland and Taiwan, and to enhance the development level of ethnic minorities as a subject and ultimately improve the ability of Hainan in terms of Ethnology research, on November 30th, 2012, Taiwan Affairs Office of the CPC Hainan Province Committee approved the establishment of Hainan Cross-Strait Minority Research Academy. This academy will take great advantage of the research advantages gained by QZU in the research of ethnic minorities in the past with unique research features and emphasized focuses. Not only a research institute, the Hainan Cross-Strait Minority Research Academy will also become an important platform of communication, social science research, talents cultivation, knowledge innovation and social service for the minority people in both mainland and Taiwan. The establishment of the Hainan Cross-Strait Minority Research Academy will help consolidate the foundation of cross-strait inheritance of ethnic culture, and has significant and practical meaning to the building of Hainan international tourism island with the aim of making greater contributions to the economic and social development of both mainland and Taiwan.

    b. The Building of Key Provincial Level Labs

    In 2009, the Technology Department of Hainan approved QZU to build Key Lab for Hainan Herpetology Research and Hainan Embed System Key Lab. The Key Lab for Hainan Herpetology Research focuses on the research of Hainan amphibious animals with key research interests like physical ecology, evolutionary ecology, genecology and artificial breeding. Two reputable directions with strong competitive advantages namely herpetological ecology and protection genetics have been developed. Currently this lab has 25 researchers, among these researchers, there are 13 people with senior titles and 16 people with PhD degrees. In the past three years, this lab has undertaken 12 research programs, among these programs, there are two supported by the national natural science fund, and one Hainan key technological project. 55 research papers have been published in domestic and international journals. Among these journals, 21 could be found in SCI database, and two textbooks are published as well. A research team featured with proper structure and strong academic research ability and promising future has been shaped as well. In the 2013 annual provincial evaluation, the Key Lab for Hainan Herpetology Research won the number one place among all the 28 key labs.

    Hainan Embedded System Key Lab is co-founded by QZU and Hainan University by introducing domestic and international resources to carry out application researches based on advanced embedded system development platform. Research interests like embedded data processing platform, control theories, parallel computing, navigation and converged communication will be focused. Hewlett-Packard will also be involved in the cooperation to carry out high-end application researches and development. Currently the establishment of this lab has been going very well by doing several key projects which will support and enhance the research ability of QZU and enlarge the reputation of the university as well.

    c. The Development of Self-built Research Institutes

    QZU has recognized the importance of self-built research institutes, and several research institutes have been built by far, namely Hainan Literature Research Base, Food Research Center, Hainan Rainforest Art Academy, Environment Science Institute, Mathematics & Information Science Institute, etc. These research organizations help enhance the development of teaching, research and subject construction by cultivate groups of outstanding research talents with gaining remarkable research achievements.

    The full-length novel Wolf from Hoh Xilhas been listed as a key book supported by China Writers Association. After its publication, 20 plus media including the People’s Daily, Guangming Daily and Art Weeklyhave recommended this book. The China National Radio Station and Ningxia Radio Station even broadcasted this books in series. China Writers Publishing House vote Wolf from Hoh Xilas the annual good novel of 2010. On August 7th 2011, the Eighth Maodun Literature Awards Office has proclaimed throughthe website of China Writers Association the voting result of the candidate booksfor Eighth Maodun Literature Awards, Wolf from Hoh Xilis among the top 81 out of all the 178 candidate books, and is going to the next stage of voting.

    The Food Research Center has founded a very good relationship with local food companies such as Wuzhi Mountain Wanjiabao Technology Co. Ltd by developing series of products like Libao ganoderma liquor, ganoderma tea, which are very welcomed by the consumers. In addition, the Five Brothers ganoderma tea has won the title of the Famous Brand of Hainan, and the Five Brother brand also win the title of the Famous Brand of Hainan in 2008, and the title of Leading Agricultural Companies of Hainan in November 2009. All these product are currently sold all over the country and are deeply welcomed by the consumers.

    Hainan Rainforest Art Academy is another art institute founded by QZU itself. By inheriting the traditions of Chinese painting and absorbing the essence of the modern Lingnan drawing group and Yunnan drawing group, the Hainan Rainforest Art Academy has provided new content to Chinese painting by rooted deeply in the local culture of Hainan and its local rainforest environment. The art work-Rainforest by painter Wan Baojia has been regarded as“a great piece of work featured with local cultural style and wide open national spirit”. In 2009, Wan Baojia went to attend the Grand TV Art Show by 60 Celebrity Artists Celebrating the 60 Years Anniversary of China, which is co-hosted by CCTV Art Channel, Choice Channel and Entertainment Channel, and this has generated a great influence over the artists world. The founding of the Hainan Rainforest Art Academy will further improve the reform and innovation of QZU’s art teaching as well.

    The Increasing of Research Projects and Funds

    The enhancement of academic research level and the attainment of academicresearch achievements must be supported by advanced equipment and methods. The research application evaluation also reflect how a university manages its research fund and manpower, and is a very important symbol of a university’s academic research level and ability too. Overall, the research application evaluation of QZU is developing successfully. In recently years, QZU has put the research infrastructure and financial input in a very important position through the building of key labs, research centers and ethnicsminorities research base.

    Between 2006 and 2012, a total of 597 research programs were carried out supported by a total of 15.22 million RMB research funds. Among all the 597 programs, there are 271 extra-university programs funded with 7.05 million RMB. Between 2006 and 2009, there are 184 research programs funded by 5.97 millions RMB. Between 2010 and 2012, there are 413 programs funded with 1.185 million RMB. The details of all these programs and relevant funds could be found in the following table.

    Annual Programs Number and Funds Details










    NO. of Programs











    Ten Thousand











    In order to cultivate research experts and build top research teams, QZU has developed an annual policy which introduces top researchers and PhDs, a start-up research fund for top researchers and PhDs were initiated as well. 540,000 RMB were provided in 2009, 1.21 million in 2010, 1.08 million RMB in 2011, and 320,000 RMB in 2012. It is noticed that the Hainan 515 Talents can have extra 80,000 RMB of research fund. The increasing input of research fund has guaranteed the introduction of high-end talents and the improvement of teaching.

    In order to encourage the teachers to take part in the academic researches actively, QZU has carried out consistently the university level academic research programs. For example, 80,000 RMB were spent in 2007, 217,000 RMB in 2009, 299,000 RMB in 2011, and 899,000 in 2012 including a special fund. In addition, between 2006 and 2012, 3 million RMB were spent to improve the infrastructure of the research programs of provincial level and above. After development for several years, the hardware for QZU research programs is getting better gradually. The initiative of the researchers has been arousedwhich could be indicated through the increase of the applications of academic research programs.

    Optimization of Research Environment

    Aproper system with positive incentive is no doubt the main drive pushing forward the university development of academic research and self-innovation. In recently years, the Technology Department of QZU has consistently adjusted and improved the incentive systems, evaluation policies for academic researches by establishing a distribution system linking personal income and the achievement of academic research gained. Series of documents and guidance encouraging academic researches have been issued, which in a great extent have arose the initiatives of the researchers. A good environment which respects talents, knowledge and advocates academic has been founded in QZU.

    Achievement of Academic Research

    Between 2010 and 2012, a total of 1077 papers have been published from QZU. Among them, 117 papers were included by SCI, EI, ISTP, etc. 69 textbooks or academic books written by QZU teachers were published as well. As to the achievement of academic programs, 26 provincial awards have been won. Among these 26 awards, one won the second place award of Hainan Science and Technology Progress Award, three won the third place award of Hainan Science and Technology Progress Award, and 11 won the Excellent Award of the Hainan Higher Education Institutes, six won the Awards of Excellent Papers of Hainan Natural Science. In addition, in 2012 QZU won five excellent awards of Hainan social science.

    Academic Exchanges

    In past years, QZU has organized more than 200 academic conferences and forums which include lectures facing students, high-end large scale academic forums by inviting domestic and international famous scholars. The topics of these conferences and forums covered the leading edge study of minority people, ocean, ecology and natural resources. In order to foster academic exchange and the development of Li study, on December 10th 2012, the first Li Study forum was held by QZU which drew attendants from universities like Central Conservatory of Music, National Chengchi University of Taiwan, Sun Yat-Sen University and Fujian Normal University. In order to realize the goal of mutual support of academic research and teaching quality, QZU arranged a series of lectures which combines academic content and science popularization, and these lectures have drawn the attention of many students on campus and generated satisfied influences.

    Increase the Ability to Serve Local Economy and Society

    Academic research and social service are the two major functions of a modern university. The ability to serve the society and the contribution of the society is an important standard to evaluate the quality of a university and its social status. In past years, deeply rooted in local Hainan minority region, QZU has set its goal of meeting the social and economical needs of Hainan region by serving the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island and the New Country. Local featured industries are developed through academic researches taking advantage of technology, culture and education resources of QZU. QZU also devotes itself into the construction of local society and economy, especially the industries like agricultural technology, tourism economy, ocean preservation, new country construction, etc. Through converting achievement of academic research to mass production and offering technological instruction and consultancy, QZU has introduced its research achievement into the practice of the countryside. By converting the achievement of academic research to mass production, QZU has played its role in social and economic construction, and won applause from the whole society.

    2012. QZU.EDU.CN. All Rights Reserved.

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