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    School Profile — About Hainan Tropical Ocean University


    Hainan Tropical Ocean University (HTOU) is a full-time public university jointly constructed by Hainan Provincial People’s Government, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, State Oceanic Administration of P. R. C. and Sanya Municipal People’s Government. It is granted as “China-ASEAN Education and Training Center” by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education, China, one of the ten “Educational Aid Centers” by Ministry of Education, China, master degree awarding institution with the approval of the State Council Academic Degree Committee and member university of Shanghai Cooperation Organization University. It serves as a cradle of talents cultivation for the minority area of south central Hainan and functions as a center for knowledge innovation, social service, culture inheritance and international cooperation and exchanges.

    Its predecessors were Hainan Li and Miao Autonomous Region Normal School established in 1954 by Guangdong Province and Hainan Li and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Teachers’ College established in 1958. After several merges, splits, adjustments and name changes, in 1993, it developed into Qiongzhou College (for post-secondary education), a merger of Hainan Tongza Normal Post-secondary College and Hainan Tongza College of Education. After years of construction and development, it was upgraded and renamed into Qiongzhou University (for undergraduate education) in 2006. In April 2006, Hainan Normal School for Nationalities was merged into Qiongzhou University. Its main campus was moved from Wuzhishan City to Sanya City in 2009. In September 2015, its name was changed into Hainan Tropical Ocean University.

    HTOU has two campuses respectively located in Sanya and Wuzhishan, covering a total area of over 146.67 hectares. HTOU has a gross floor area of 532,900 square meters. The value of fixed asset reaches to 1,042,384,900 RMB and the total value of teaching and scientific research facilities being 191,122,400 RMB. There are 1,534,000 paper books and 1,537, 000 electronic books in the library.

    HTOU now has 18 schools offering 3 master programs, 51 undergraduate programs and 5 post-secondary programs. Its educational disciplines have expanded into 9 fields which are Liberal Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Management, Pedagogy, History, Art, Law and Agriculture. HTOU now has 19 marine majors such as marine sciences and has determined 6 key discipline orientations including Marine Humanity and History, Marine Tourism, Marine Management, Marine Food, Marine Information, Marine Biology, Ecology and Environment. It has formed a disciplinary system pattern of marine, tourism, ethnology and ecology. The university has 1 national discipline comprehensive reform pilot project, 6 provincial key disciplines, 6 provincial characteristic majors, 11 provincial excellent courses, 6 provincial teaching teams, 2 academician workstations, 2 provincial key laboratories, 1 provincial engineering technology research centre, 1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centre, 1 national marine food engineering technology research centre and 3 provincial social sciences research bases. In recent years, HTOU has established the following research and training bases: Sanya National University Science Park approved by Ministry of Science and Technology, Educational Aid Center of Ministry of Education, China-ASEAN Education and Training Center of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education, Regional Research Center of Shanghai Cooperation Organization University approved by Ministry of Education, Malaysia Research Center of Ministry of Education, International Youth Center (Hainan) of Ministry of Education, National Continuing Education Center for Professionals of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Training Base for Social Talents of Ministry of Civil Affairs, Participant University of China's Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritors Study and Training Program by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Hainan Tourism Collaborative Innovation Center, Institute of Hainan Cross-Strait Ethnic Minorities Research, Hainan Literature Research Center, etc.

    Currently, HTOU has over 1200 faculty members, in which over 840 are full-time teachers, over 410 are with senior professional titles, 620 are with master degree or above, and 2 are academicians. Some experts of HTOU are enjoying state-council-level and provincial-level special allowances. Some are elected as first and second level candidates of provincial “515 Talents Project”, national excellent lecturers and provincial star lecturers, and an increasing amount of “Dual-qualification Lecturers” from enterprises or scientific research institutions have joined HTOU. 

    HTOU now has 18,200 full-time students, including 140 postgraduates, 60 joint training postgraduates with Ocean University of China, 15,200 undergraduates, 2,800 students of post-secondary programs and 110 international students. The university always adheres to the talent cultivation idea of “Serving to Demands, Focusing on Mind Development, Combining General and Special Skills, Developing Moralities and Abilities, Uniting Knowledge and Behavior, Being Innovative and Independent, and Assuming Responsibilities”, highlighting the status of teaching quality, innovates talent training modes, and constantly promotes talent training quality. In recent years, the university has established China International Youth Center (Sanya, Hainan), National Youth Moral Development Experimental Base and New Era Marxist College, etc. Students of HTOU won 361 national awards and 969 provincial awards. They outstandingly performed in different national contests such as Ocean Vehicle Design and Manufacturing Contest, the “Challenge Cup”, National Mathematical Modeling Contest, Electronic Design Contest, National Tour Guide Contest and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Skills Competition and honorably won 32 national first prize and 86 national second prize.

    HTOU attaches great importance to its role in science and technology supporting, cultural influence and intellectual services. The “Journal of Hainan Tropical Ocean University” has become “RCCSE China Core Journal” and “Science and Technology Journal of Ethnic Characteristics in Chinese Universities". In recent years, the university has undertaken a number of national, provincial and municipal science and technology innovation projects and training programs such as the “National Training Program”, “Provincial Training Program” and the national “Three District Talent Support Program”. HTOU has also offered services for public international affairs such as the BRICS Leaders Meeting and Boao Forum for Asia and carried out social practice activities such as “Bringing Scientific and Literacy Knowledge and Offering Medical Service to Rural Areas”, “Bringing Scientific and Literacy Knowledge and Offering Medical and Legal Service to Community” and Voluntary Teaching Practices, etc.

    HTOU makes full use of its geographical advantages and opportunities brought by Sanya City, - an open and international tourism city, and has carried out intensive international education and cultural cooperation and exchanges. The university has established partnerships with 127 universities from 63 countries and regions like U.S.A, Russia, Austria, Canada, Ukraine, Australia and Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan, etc. 145 cooperation agreements have been signed, among which 87 are signed with countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”. Over 900 students have been sent to 20 countries and regions as exchange students, Chinese volunteers, master students and intern students, and to attend study tour. The university has accepted 300 international students from 15 countries in recent years, and launched dozens of exchange educational programs, including the 1st Sino-foreign education cooperation program in Hainan: Hainan-Austria Tourism Management Education Program. HTOU has recruited 25 foreign Experts from 13 countries, hosted over 20 international forums and attended 200 international conferences at home and abroad.

    In the past three years, the university has undertaken 428 scientific research projects including 133 provincial projects or above, 23 are national projects and 4 are major provincial scientific and technological projects. It has gained fruitful achievements in studying Hainan Li and Miao Nationalities’ local culture, in which General History of Li Nationality has been approved as a major project of National Social Science Fund and is a groundbreaking project in Hainan social science field.. HTOU has been successively granted with the honorary titles of “10 Outstanding Universities for Industry-University-Research Cooperation in Hainan”, “Hainan Advanced University for Cultivating Innovative Scientific and Technological Talents”, “Outstanding Unit for Hainan Industry-University-Research Cooperation during 13th Five-Year Plan”, “Outstanding Contribution Unit for Hainan Industry-University-Research Cooperation during 13th Five-Year Plan”, and “Award for Innovation for Hainan Industry-University-Research Cooperation during 13th Five-Year Plan”, etc.

    HTOU will continue to uphold its motto of “Illustrious Virtue, Extensive Study, Utmost Endeavors and Earnest Practice”. Guided by the spirit of Xi Jinping’s Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era and the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the university will thoroughly implement the spirit of the Working Conference of New Era National Undergraduate Education in Higher Institutions. By grasping the three major opportunities: “the Belt and Road initiative”, Maritime Power Strategy and Hainan Free Trade Zone (Port) Construction, HTOU will accelerate the construction of high-level undergraduate education, comprehensively improve the ability of talents cultivation and expedite the transformation and development of the university, to build the university into an international, open, application-oriented and high-level ocean university with distinctive characteristics and make greater contributions to constructing Hainan into a province with prosperous economy, social civilization, pleasant environment and happy residence.

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