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    School of International Cultural Exchange

    2013/10/17 12:55:25


    In 2000, the Education Department of Hainan Government approved Qiongzhou University to have the qualification of enrolling international students. In 2008, the slogan of “Building a reputable university with international, open and unique features” was proposed, and a cooperation project between QZU and Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National Univesity of Ukraine was initiated. In the following year, an education cooperation agreement was signed, and in October of 2009, the exchange program between QZU and LTSNU was initiated officially, and this marked the first step and milestone of QZU’s international education. So far, more than 30 students were sent to LTSNU from QZU and vice versa. The implementation of international exchange program has in a great extent help the internationalization of QZU’s local education resources, and laid a solid foundation of QZU’s education of international students.

    In 2011, QZU signed an agreement on international education with the embassy of the Republic of Cape Verde, and in the same year, the first international student for degree purpose from Cape Verde arrived at QZU. By the end of 2012, the international students from Cape Verde reached thirty-seven people, and this indicated the large scale of QZU’s international education.

    In February 2013, the youngest school so far of QZU- School of International Culture & Exchange, which is in charge of international education was founded to improve the education quality, talents cultivation, academic research and social service of QZU. This no doubt will meet the needs of internationalization of QZU education, and cultivate high end talents with international vision and strong ability of innovation and application.

    Status Quo

    By October 2013, there are sixty-seven international students in total of School of International Culture & Exchange, which include forty-nine students for degree purposes, nine students for language purposes and nine exchange students. Those students come from seven countries. For example, there are forty-one students from Cape Verde for degree purposes, five students from Vietnam for degree purposes, one students from Malaysia for degree purposes, two students from Russia for degree purposes. Also there are six students from Russia for language purposes, one student from Uzbekistan for language purposes, one student from Canada for language purposes, one student from Ukraine for language purpose, and nine students from Ukraine for exchange purposes. Among all forty-nine students for degree purposes, there are nine students from Cape Verde, three students from Vietnam and one student from Malaysia, and in total of nineteen students has reached the standard of Hainan and gone into the study of specialty stage.

    Although the School of International Culture & Exchange has only been founded for less than one year, it has gained remarkable achievement and realized certain breakthrough which are as follows:

    •The breakthrough of student quantit

    Before the foundation of the School of International Culture & Exchange, there are totally thirty-seven international students in QZU, and currently the quantity of international students has reached a double quantity of sixty-seven.

    •The breakthrough of student source

    Before the foundation of the School of International Culture & Exchange, the international students only come from Cape Verde, Vietnam, Russia and Ukraine, and currently there are three more countries added, thus Uzbekistan, Canada and Malaysia.

    •The breakthrough of education level

    Before the foundation of the School of International Culture & Exchange, the international students of QZU are students who only stay for language learning and exchange purposes. Currently, there are three types of students, thus students for degree purposes, students for language-learning purposes and exchange students, within which nineteen students have gone to the stage of specialty study and account almost thirty percent of the total students.

    •Breakthrough of the financing channels

    Before the foundation of the School of International Culture & Exchange, QZU waived out the tuition and accommodation fees from the international students to foster the development of its international education. Currently, there are three part of financial aid for the international students, namely scholarship from Hainan Government, scholarship from QZU and self-paid. On October 10th 2013, China Scholarship Council officially granted QZU the qualification of receiving scholarship from Chinese Govern


    The following achievements have been achieved since the foundation of the School of International Culture & Exchange:

    Final champion of Hainan of “Staying China- the Sunny Sports & Culture Tour of Overseas Students in China”, and qualifier for the next stage competition.

    Second place of three-versus-three basketball completion of “Staying China- the Sunny Sports & Culture Tour of Overseas Students in China” in the third game region, and number seven of the total teams. Although not qualified for the state final, the QZU team did win lots of strong teams, and only lagged behind Huaqiao University, Wuyi College, Guangdong Industrial University, Shenzhen University, Southern Medical University and Jiangxi Normal University.


    As the only public university located in Sanya, as well as in the center of Asian-Pacific region, the promising development of QZU’s international education could be foreseen.

    The goal of the enrollment for international students:


    Quantity of Students


    100 Students


    300 Students


    500 Students


    1000 Students






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