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    First Ocean Scientific Research Organization Established after the Name Changing and Transition of HTOU

    2017/3/15 10:57:48

    On the morning of June 30, 2016, a ceremony of unveiling nameplate on HTOU Ocean Observation Institute was held. School leaders Wei Yong, Wu Yaoting, Liao Minsheng, Yang Zijv attended the ceremony, which was presided over by Guo Jianchun, vice president of HTOU.

    Xing Qimin, head of personnel department of HTOU, read out the Announcement on the Establishment of Ocean Observatory Research Institute and Wang Suwen was appointed as director of the institute. All the school leaders unveiled the nameplate together with director Wang Suwen. President Wu Yaoting awarded letters of appointment to director Wang Suwen and his colleagues.

    Wei Yong, party secretary of HTOU, indicated that the institute is the first organization on ocean scientific research after the school realized its transition towards ocean-related higher institution. In the mean time, it has been another important research base following the Food Engineering Center established by Zhu Beiwei, an academician from CAE since the university set up the four important disciplines related to ocean, ecology, tourism and ethnology. Its establishment has won full support of Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, which is worth congratulating.

    Wei Yong indicated that the establishment of the institute played a key role in the field of marine observatory research, which should take a leading position in the development of school disciplines and aid the local research organizations as well as national research bodies to conduct scientific research activities. He stressed that the scientific research should focus on the research application meeting the needs of administrations, industries and studies. All the relevant aspects should work together to make it happen. Currently we need to strive for the transformation of scientific research achievements and to expand into the fields of education and teachers’ training. Combined with the current national strategy, he put forward that we should focus on the construction of ocean discipline and enhance the ability of scientific technology innovation, boost the rise and development of ocean industry, and expand the cooperation with ocean-related enterprises. Wei Yong demanded that the research team of the institute should actively draw on the experience of the forefront of advanced technology to improve the overall abilities of the team, and strengthen the research on the projects related to China and South China Sea.

    Director Wang Suwen thanked the school leaders and all departments for their caring and full support to the institute. He indicated that he would like to work with our teachers and students to conduct research work related to ocean observatory, survey and informatization analysis to boost the local economic and social development.

    Heads of the relevant departments, deans of schools, directors of labs and heads of research bases attended the ceremony. 

    Written by: Guo Liang/Liu Zhiquan   Translated by:Zhang Luyu   Proofread by:Zhang Shuai

    2012. QZU.EDU.CN. All Rights Reserved.