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    People.cn, Chinanews.cn: Sanya Forum of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Kicked Off

    2017/3/15 9:41:53

    (People.cn on 9th, January in Haikou) Sanya Regional Forum of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road kicked off in the library conference hall of Hainan Tropical Ocean University.

    Vice president of Hainan Tropical Ocean University presided over this forum. 8 guests delivered their speeches and more than 200 teachers and students listened.

    Chen Yao, vice chairman of Hainan Provincial Association of Social Science is the first speaker. By looking back on the history of Hainan, he analyzed the advantages that Hainan possesses as one of the cities along the Silk Road. Sanya, a seaside resort, also embraces more opportunities to develop the sea travel against the background of the “Belt and Road” initiative. He said that Russia is an important potential market as the international tourists are essential for the development of sightseeing and vacation tour. Besides, Sanya should try to build itself into an international tourism city, meet the developmental needs of the tourists both at home and abroad, and grow from a tourism destination to an international tourism distribution center. Whether it is in the process of developing Hainan International Tourism Island Pilot Zone or carrying out the national strategy, Hainan will stick to the scientific development and green rising, as well as strive to be a practice example in the socialist construction and a name card for China.

    Ning Ling, dean of the School of Economics and Management in Guangdong Ocean University made his speech titled “Three -Dimensional Theoretical Assumption and Empirical Study of Choosing the Marine Strategic Emerging Industries”. From the perspectives of theory, practice and demonstration, he analyzed the marine strategic emerging industries put forwarded by Guangdong, Shandong and Zhejiang provinces in their local plans and pointed out the marine industry is the transition between the traditional and emerging industries.

    Wang Wanmao, senior consultant of Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Port Co., Ltd. gave his speech on the subject of “Developing Cruise Tourism in Hainan, Building the 21st Century Silk Road”. He first made a brief introduction to the basic condition of Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Port. By contrasting the cruise revenue with that in Miami, America, he then said that the weather conditions, geographic location, tourist resources of Sanya have no evident differences with Miami, and the cruise tourism is blessed with broad prospects.

    Yang Xiaohai, deputy general-manager of Sanya Wuzhizhou Island Resort came up with his topic of “The Significance of Marine Ranching to Tourism Development” by taking Wuzhizhou Island as an example. Focusing on the items of business, scenic spots creation and development strategy, he gave a detailed introduction to the marine ranching on Wuzhizhou island, and emphasized that the island is now in full swing to build an array of tourism projects with high quality and excellent service, try to create highlights and build itself into “a pearl of the south China sea”.

    Vice president Yang Ziju extended the gratitude to all the present guests and their targeted and feasible ideas, which will provide valuable references for the development of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. As a city nearby the South China Sea, Sanya is an optimal place to implement China’s marine strategy. The forum held in Sanya not only has an important realistic meaning for building Hainan into a marine power, but also exerts active influence on the construction of marine disciplines, scientific research and academic atmosphere of Hainan Tropical Ocean University.

    (Web Link: http://hi.people.com.cn/n2/2016/0109/c231190-27504048.html

    Written by: Fengxing, Huang Li, Wu Yanghong (people.cn)   Translated by: Guo Leting 

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