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    Sanya Daily, Hainan Daily: Miss World Contestants Visit Hainan Tropical Ocean University

    2017/3/14 10:29:09

    On 9th, December, the contestants preparing for the final of Miss World 2015, the 65th beauty pageant presented by Beauty Crown Lvka in Sanya came to Hainan Tropical Ocean University and took part in the campus activities titled “Beautiful culture, charming youth” with the teachers and students.

    (Contestants are taking part in the shuttle run)

    Vice Mayor Deng Zhong attended the activity and delivered his speech. He said that Sanya, which has successfully hosted the Miss World pageant in the year of 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2010, is reputed as “Cradle of Miss World”. And it hosts this annual event for the six time this year. By this activity, the contestants from all over the world gather in Sanya, and the beauty of Sanya can be spread to the world at large, showing people that the image of Sanya highly tallies with such a beauty pageant. It will be definitely helpful to promote the prosperity of regional economy, comprehensively upgrade the urban cultural brand, and speed up the city internationalization.

    (The contestants are waving at the audiences)

    Deng Zhong said Hainan Tropical Ocean University serves as a cradle of talents in the south area of Hainan and even in Hainan minority regions. By going to the campus, the Miss World personally lead the school teachers and students to peruse and show the honesty, kindness and beauty in their heart. Their practical actions not only make beauty more meaningful, but the comprehensive and healthy beauty which they represent will influence people forever.

    (The long jumping competition is going on)

    On that morning, the weather is fine for outdoor activities. The contestants from different countries and races took part in a mini sports meeting which was specially designed for them in the university. Without gorgeous dress and delicate make-up, they released the vigor of youth on the campus. Their lively costume and healthy image made the “Miss World Sports Meeting” really distinctive and showed their unknown side to people. Thousands of citizens, teachers and students stopped to watch the competition.

    The game consisted of such events as 25 meters shuttle run, long jumping and sprint. This was the first time that Miss World contestants came to the universities in Sanya for taking part in activities. Though the preparation time is less than two weeks, the whole university was very looking forwarding to their arrival, and pulled together to complete the works about security, reception and schedule.

    The cultural communication is bidirectional. The Miss World contestants showed their beauty of body movement, and the university accordingly exhibited the craft of weaving Li brocade and Han costume as well as performed lute-playing.

    Besides, Ms. Morley, president of Miss World Organization, made a wonderful speech in Hainan Tropical Ocean University. The university awarded the Distinguished Professor Certificate to her, and exchanged gifts with Miss World Organization.

    (Web Link: http://epaper.sanyarb.com.cn/html/2015-12/10/content_2_5.htm

    Written by: Zhou Caiyuan, Hu Yongjun   Photo by: Weng Yejun (Sanya Daily)   Translated by: Guo Leting 

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