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    2016 Spring Term Work Meeting Held in HTOU

    2017/3/1 10:18:13

    “Demand-driven way, the ability configuration”, “Make fine and monthly digital index system for each mission in the 13th Five-Year Plan”, “Integrate resources, aggregate talents and unswervingly build a high level application-oriented tropical ocean university”, powerful words from Party Secretary Wei Yong and President Wu Yaoting were heard on 2016 Spring Term Work Meeting of HTOU, which fell on the morning of February 19th, 2016.

    On the meeting, Party Secretary Wei Yong informed the recent work of HTOU and expressed admiration and gratitude to dedication spirit of HTOU staff who gave up their Spring Festival holidays and returned to the working positions on the early fourth day of the first month of lunar New Year.

    Party Secretary Wei Yong pointed out that HTOU would prepare to build tropical ocean university in accordance with relevant work arrangements and planning processes. We were supposed to find out short board and launch researches, turn daily work into specific digital each month so as to make the “13th Five-Year Plan” more clear, specific work more clarified and enforcement more vigorous and in place.

    Secretary Wei Yong stressed that several national strategies concentrated on the South China Sea, it’s lucky for HTOU to enter the channel. As a “short man”, we also needed to consider things of “tall people”, Do not dwarf ourselves, instead, we should plan and scheme development and construction of HTOU by stepping on higher international vision and higher national strategies. Manage and plan the South China Sea with culture, pace one more step than others in the South China Sea civilization value system and step into national strategic operation orbit.

    In the new year, Party Secretary Wei Yong asked HTOU staff and students to push forward development and construction of all the causes of HTOU with broader international horizon, more profound national consciousness, bolder reform courage, more fruitful innovation practice, more specific practice action, more efficient systems and mechanisms, more strict style of discipline, more significant start-up achievements and more selfless and fearless state of mind.

    Party Secretary Wei Yong required that faculty delegates' meeting should be held in HTOU as soon as possible, with efforts to promote the introduction and implementation of relevant planning, do well a series of research work and promote the work with a know-fairly-well heart and coordinated efforts. Each unit was to list monthly work arrangements, announce weekly requirements and submit monthly report. Timely accomplish well mobilization, organization, propaganda and enforcement of all HTOU policies and promote work with more striving and dedicated spirit. Secretary Wei Yong urged everyone: “Our goals must be achieved, can be achieved and can be achieved completely”. At the meeting, Party Secretary Wei Yong also made arrangements for other important work.

    President Wu Yaoting required that all units of HTOU must seriously understand the spirit of HTOU Party Committee and implement the requirements of HTOU Party Committee to one hundred percent. Equal rights and responsibilities, obeying the rules, labor division and cooperation, and complementing each other must be done in the implementation of all missions. Conscientiously implement the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the Party Committee to achieve the overall development. He said that after decades of exploration, HTOU finally found its direction of education, “Build a high level application-oriented Tropical Ocean University”. Students and staff should seek common ground while reserving differences; consistently adhere to the development goal without wavering or distractions. To seek truth from facts and promote the realization of this goal in accordance with the requirements of the “Three Stricts and Three Steadies”. At the same time, we were supposed to actively learn excellent education experience from domestic and foreign advanced marine universities in combination with the actual development situation of HTOU, the local economic and social development needs and the development needs of our students so as to promote self development and construction. The secondary schools should formulate well all the development planning, clarify their functions and positioning, think deeply and practice transformation, adjustment and upgrading of disciplines and specialties, establish comprehensive outlook, do some things but leave other things undone. Functional departments should seriously consider how to serve and ensure well the development of all causes of HTOU. The formulation of all work plans and planning must be close to the regional development, industry needs and national strategies, conduct serious investigation and study, never work behind closed doors.

    President Wu Yaoting pointed out that it was of great need and necessary to carry out the “supply side reforms” in HTOU. In personnel, we should make great efforts on the organization, polymerization and service of personnel, configure capacity and aggregate talents under guide of demand, make full use of Hainan migratory human resources, etc, to serve development and construction of HTOU. He also stressed that teaching was the central task of HTOU, which overrode everything. All work must intersect and extend around this center. At the same time, cleanness, harmony and stability of campuses ought to be maintained.

    HTOU Deputy Party Secretary, also Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Luo Jie, Vice Presidents Guo Jianchun, Liao Minsheng and Yang Zijv were present at the meeting. Cadres above deputy director rank from all functional departments, supplementary units and secondary schools attended the meeting.

    Written by: Luo Yi   Translated by: Zhao Kuan   Proofread by: Zhang Shuai

    2012. QZU.EDU.CN. All Rights Reserved.