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    Vice Province Governor Wang Lu Extended His Regards to Academician Zhu Beiwei in HTOU

    2017/3/1 9:27:29

    As The Spring Festival was approaching, on the morning of February 1st, 2016, Vice Province Governor Wang Lu led the relevant personnel to HTOU to pay a warm visit to and convey greetings to academician Zhu Beiwei, welcoming academician Zhu Beiwei to Hainan and extending New Year greetings and holiday blessings to her.

    Vice Province Governor Wang Lu said that in recent years, as an important annulus of “Marine Power” strategy and the “Belt and Road” strategy, Hainan needed a batch of high-level personnel to participate in the construction of the marine industry in the province. With her role as an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ms. Zhu Beiwei participated in ocean industrial planning and construction of Hainan province, who gave support and help to transformation and development of HTOU, and did contribution by offering advice and suggestions to scientific and technological innovation and economic development of the marine industry in Hainan province. He appreciated what Ms. Zhu had done.

    Ms. Zhu Bei wei is an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, a doctoral tutor and an expert in field of food engineering. She is now Director of National Engineering Research Center of Seafood, also a double-employed academician appointed by HTOU. She has long been engaged in researches of marine agricultural industry, marine food deep processing and other aspects. Combining with years of marine food industry researches and marine industry development of Hainan province in recent years, she suggested that we should greatly enhance construction of Institute of Seafood Research based on superior geographical location and environmental conditions of Hainan Province, strengthen marine resources development and breeding & processing of marine agricultural products. She also said that it’s a joy to be appointed by HTOU. In the future, she would put forward recommendations to discipline construction, talent team construction, personnel training and scientific research, etc; and make planning for construction, scientific research and other related work of laboratory in collaborative innovation center; make contributions to development of education and teaching, scientific research and sci-tech industrialization of HTOU along with the other members of the team.

    Deputy Secretary General Zhong Runzhi of the Provincial Government, General Director Cao Xiankun of the Provincial Education Department, Vice Mayor Xu Zhenling of Sanya city, HTOU Party Secretary Wei Yong, President Wu Yaoting, Vice Party Secretary Luo Jie, also Party Secretary of HTOU Commission for Disciplinary Inspection accompanied Vice Province Governor Wang Lu to the visit.

    Written by: Guo Liang   Translated by: Zhao Kuan   Proofread by: Zhang Shuai

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