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    LUO Jie, Vice Chairman of Hainan Tropical Ocean University Council

    2016/3/2 11:17:35

    LUO Jie, male, Han nationality, was born in February, 1965 in Dongfang county, Hainan Province. With master degree of Hainan Provincial Party School, he started his career in August, 1983 and joined the Communist Party of China in September, 1994. The previous leadership positions he held include principal staff member of Education Supervision Office of Hainan Education Department, deputy director of Education Supervision Office of Provincial People’s Government, deputy director of Policy and Regulation Division of Provincial Education Department, deputy director of Admission Office of Secondary School, deputy secretary of Party Committee of the organ directly under the authority (Leading roles of the division), office director of Provincial Education Committee, deputy secretary and office director of Provincial Education Discipline Committee and deputy head of Party Discipline Inspection Group of Provincial Education Department.

    LUO Jie was appointed as the member of Party Committee, deputy secretary of Party Committee, secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of Hainan Tropical Ocean University in December, 2015. He takes charge of assisting party secretary to improve the party building work. Besides, he charges the affairs on publicity, united front, discipline inspection and supervision, auditing, students, labor union (including the veteran cadres), youth league committee, ideological education, security and safe-guarding, people’s armed force, campus safety and stability, graduate employment, alumni association and party committee.  

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