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    Introduction of Associations’ Union and Associations

    2013/10/10 10:06:08

    Associations’ Union of QZU is directed by QZU youth league committee to manage student associations and serve their development, and is the highest management organization of QZU’s student associations. Enriching campus life and enhance the learning, practicing, organizing and innovating abilities of the university students are the primary goal of the union by carrying out in-depth, comprehensive, quality, valuable and meaningful association events with stimulating the initiatives of all the associations and involved students.

    The Association Events Month (AEM) initiated by QZU Associations’ Union is an annual brand event which is hold in every second semester. This event normally lasts for one month and is organized by Associations’ Union and taken part in by all the student associations. During this event, all the associations will engage very actively to hold sub-events which are featured by its own characteristics. The AEM is comparatively long lasting, very influential and extremely welcomed by teachers and students, and could be claimed as a beautiful scene of the students’ campus life.

    Student’s Culture and Art Festival (SCAF) is another traditional event hold in every first semester by Associations’ Union during which the selected associations will hold their brand events. The SCAF plays the role of enlivening the campus atmosphere and enriching teachers and students extracurricular life. The SCAF’s major purpose is to bring up the initiatives and innovation spirits of students, develop their specialties, discover and cultivate talents by vivid, vigorous and popular forms, through which students could form practical multi abilities. The SCAF is a great cultural feast drawing attendance of teachers and students every year and is expected by them commonly.

    Compared with all the associations, which offer studying, socializing and practicing platforms for teachers and students, the role that the Associations’ Union plays is organizing, managing and serving. Currently, QZU has 58 rich and varied associations in total, which include 15 academic and cultural associations, 14 technology practice associations, 6 public welfare associations and 23 entertainments and sports associations. These associations have, to a great extent enriched the extracurricular life of QZU students, offering them abundant opportunities to take part in extracurricular practice activities and enrich their campus life. Every association is a beautiful scenic line, like diamond shining beautifully on the stage of the young student’s life. Now let us walk into these different and various associations of QZU and experience their attractiveness.

    •Academic and Cultural Associations

    The humanistic atmosphere of QZU is growing in the past days, and this condition is formed with the help with our academic and cultural associations. These associations are normally very professional and scientific with professional study, academic research and subject exchange as the major activity contents. These will greatly help students cultivate their mentality, spirit of innovation and academic research ability, and enliven their academic exchange. Normally, these types of association will focus on the academic research and study of certain academic field, and bring together students who have the same academic interest and pursuit in a certain academic and cultural field. Many meaningful and valuable activities have been hold by these associations, which could be claimed as the second classroom of the students.

    •Technology Practice Associations

    With a purpose of fostering the growth of students, technology practice associations focus on connecting theory with reality and combing application with practice by carrying out various types of activities such as technology practice and innovation and entrepreneurship. These activities aim to cultivate and enhance the practice ability and innovation spirit of these students.

    •Public Welfare Associations

    Embodying the volunteer spirit and mutual aid character of the students, the public welfare associations mainly offer public welfare services. They normally carry out various types of social welfare or self-support activities. Abilities of independence, working concept, social welfare notion and spirit of sacrifice will be cultivated by attending these activities.

    •Entertainments and Sports Associations

    Entertainments associations serve the purposes of develop interests and hobbies of students. These purposes are twofold, inwards they could foster study, exchange and artistic creation, and outwards they could initiate exchange, exhibition and performance. These associations are indispensable as to cultivate and develop the mentality and specialty of the students, and enhance their aesthetic knowledge. The sports associations normally carry out various activities like exchange, training, competition and game observation based on the sports hobby of the students. These associations play a very important role as to the enrichment of extracurricular life, the development of sports specialty and fitness of body. 

    Tour of QZU Associations

    •Academic and Cultural Associations

    Crazy English Club
    Crazy English Club is an association formed by a group of students who are interested in English speaking and who would like to enhance their level of oral English. Founded on October 20th, 2006, this club has been a platform of studying, entertaining, exercising and growth for interested students. With the spirit of perseverance, team work, eternal endurance and appreciation of the world, the students of this association aim to enhance the English speaking and other skills inspired by a desire of “Passion & crazy, to be better”. The club has established a practice center outside of QZU, and has reached an agreement with Nanxin primary school that, 32 students excelling at English and good at teaching have been selected within members of the club to teach in Nanxin primary school every week. These 32 students are divided into two groups for different weeks, and every one of them are assign to a certain class which will be given a lesson every Friday afternoon. Now, more and more students join the club because of its increasing reputation. Association like the Crazy English Club is just a microcosm of these types of associations, which shows the good development trends of QZU’s academic and cultural associations.

    •Technology Practice Associations

    Qingniao Outward Training Association
    Association Type: Outdoor Activity      Association Tenet: Self-challenge and Team Formation
    The mission statement of Qingniao is “the development of QZU is my responsibility; the pursuit of excellence will last with eternal spirit”. Through the understanding of outward training and carrying out outward training activities, Qingniao aims to build QZU students a platform on which the students could realize self-value and full self-competence enhancement by offering students opportunities of re-creating and self-improvement. These activities will help student to better accommodate themselves to the social reality with elegant mentality and comprehensive ability, and furthermore to form a core competence in the future keen social competition.

    Qingniao invites professional trainer to train the attendees, who could not only experience happiness, but also contents of team work like cohesive force, execution force and leadership before graduation, and this will lay a solid foundation for future work in the real world. Qingniao would regularly hold outdoor travel, outwards training and real-time CS, through which the attendees would have a more in-depth understanding of team work while building a fitter physical body.

    •Public Welfare Associations

    The Blue Ribbon Marine Conservation Association
    The Blue Ribbon Marine Conservation Association was founded in QZU on 15th April 2010 with its full name as The QZU Voluntary Service of Blue Ribbon Marine Conservation Association which is a branch of The Blue Ribbon Marine Conservation Society Sanya. It’s jointly managed by QZU Youth League Committee, the Associations’ Union, and the Blue Ribbon Association Sanya. It’s actually a non-profit organization focusing on protecting marine ecological civilization by ocean culture propaganda, so as to appeal to more people to pay attention to the ocean and to love our mother ocean more.
    The differences between The QZU Voluntary Service of Blue Ribbon Marine Conservation Association and other associations in QZU are as followed: first, it’s a non-profit organization, there is not any charge from the member; second, jointly managed by QZU Youth League Committee, the Associations’ Union, and the Blue Ribbon Association Sanya; third, it’s founded by a large group of volunteers with high quality and dedicated heart to protect marine ecological civilization. Our vision is to make the blue ribbon flying from the beautiful Sanya to everywhere in the world and finally into everybody’s heart. Our slogan is: The blue ocean creates the life, the blue ribbon makes home fine. 

    •Entertainments and Sports Associations

    Yiqing Dancing Association
    Yiqing Dancing Association was founded in Wuzhi mountain campus on 1996 and got moved alone with the campus to Sanya on 2008 and it’s been 16 years since that. It’s a hip-pop association with a lot of young people who love the hip-pop very much. As the biggest and most well-organized association, Yiqing Daning Association has the complete facilities (including dance hall with artificial lake, practicing mirror, loudspeakers and DVD player) of their own, it has a special management concept as well—the dancing group leads the dancing association. There are variety of activities in Yinqing Dancing Association, the basic dancing skill are the most important part during the teaching. There are hip-pop lessons in different forms for members every new semester on September, members with better performance will have chance to dance in the show with the dancing group. Besides, Yinqing Dancing Association pays attention to organize all kinds of hip-pop theme activities so as to rich the content. Yinqing Dancing Association now has a large scope of influence and good performance, its dancing group is now active in the stage on campus and has had a lot of shows on behalf of the university. Besides, the dancing group even has business shows to collect funds for the association outside the campus and Sanya. 

    2012. QZU.EDU.CN. All Rights Reserved.

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