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    Educational Aid Center for Africa and Asia

    2013/10/10 10:05:01

    The Educational Aid Center for Africa and Asia (Qiongzhou University), as one of the ten Educational Aid Centers authorized by the Ministry of Education, P. R. China, is committed to nurturing broad-based talents fit for international cultural & educational communication. Staffed by senior professionals and foreign experts, the Center undertakes multiple tasks, including Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL), education of international students as well as students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, oversea study training and consulting, foreign educational aid, cooperation in running schools, postgraduate education, etc.
    Bearing the mission to cultivate talents with global and intercultural awareness as well as international perspective, the Center features in its solid teaching capability and flexible managerial structure. It runs programs of three levels catering undergraduate students, independent college students, and associate degree students. For “3+1” or “2+2” programs, students study in Qiongzhou University for 2-3 years and go to partner universities to study 2-1 years. Students meeting graduation requirements can obtain diplomas of both universities.
    With profound discipline basis, professional faculty members, well-facilitated and elegant teaching environment, the Center welcomes students from all over the world to learn and give play to their creativity and potentials, while actively promotes inter-cultural exchanges and brings in high-quality education resources to upgrade talents cultivation and meet global requirement.

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