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    GUO Jianchun, Vice President of Hainan Tropical Ocean University

    2013/11/20 17:51:16


    Prof. GUO Jianchun (born in December 1965, Yunnan Province) is Vice President of Qiongzhou University since 2008 and charges affairs on teaching, graduate, enrollment, personnel, university journal, public sports, and ethnic studies. She is doctor supervisor and is entitled to Government Special Allowance (GSA) from the State Council. She is chosen as “National New Century Talent”, “Hainan 515 project Talent” and “Hainan Outstanding Expert”.

    From April to December, 2010, Prof. GUO took the temporary post in Changshu (an eastern city in Jiangsu Province) as assistant to the Mayor. In addition, she was vice dean of Trade College and director of Academic Affairs Office in South China University of Tropical Agriculture (Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences). She was dean of Tourism Management School in Hainan University.

    Professional Affiliations: deputy director of Hainan Jiusan Society; member of 5th CPPCC Hainan Provincial Committee; member of 6th CPPCC Hainan Provincial Standing Committee; vice chairperson of 5th Hainan Youth Federation; peer review expert of Nature Science Foundation of China (NSFC); member of Discipline Reviewing Board, Hainan Academic Degrees Committee; council member of Chinese Association of Agricultural Economics (CAAE), chairperson of Hainan Recycling Economy Association.

    Research Interest & Academic Achievements: Agricultural policy analysis model, tropical agricultural planning, theory and policy of tropical agricultural economics; presided over or participated in 5 national research projects, presided over 4 international joint research projects and more than 30 provincial and ministerial research projects; published over 100 papers in domestic and oversea journals, published 12 monographs, leading author of 5 national planned textbooks.

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